Forfar acting pupils are having a laugh

The Forfar pupils get some practice for 'Scotland's Big Laugh'.
The Forfar pupils get some practice for 'Scotland's Big Laugh'.

Pupils from the Angus Acting School near Forfar have been preparing for ‘Scotland’s Big Laugh’ this week by undertaking some serious laughing.

Associated with Global Belly Laugh Day, the event is being launched in Scotland this Saturday and encourages everyone to understand the health benefits of laughter and general well-being.

The pupils discussed the science behind laughter and then had a great time trying out some of their biggest belly laughs.

Sophie Rolfe, former actress and founder of the Angus Acting School, said: “Whilst we had great fun learning some real laughing techniques this week, we took some time to teach the children why positive energy is essential to our lives and the importance of laughter. As well as being a great skill to learn in acting, laughter is key to our general health and well-being.”

Research suggests that laughter helps reduce blood pressure, reduce depression and brings down stress levels

To join in with pupils from Angus Acting School and participate in Scotland’s Big Laugh, everyone is being encouraged to laugh at exactly 1.24 p.m. on Saturday.

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