Focusing on litter problem

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A litter problem in the Focus car park in Forfar’s town centre has reared its ugly head again with litter louts leaving a trail of debris in their wake, (writes Janet Thomson).

The on-going problem first surfaced in October 2009 after two sightings of rats in the vicinity of the store.

Residents at the adjacent Manor Court have complained about the amount of litter left strewn in the car park by youngsters who use the car park as a meeting place.

Every morning the car park is strewn with fast food boxes, empty bottles and carrier bags.

The problem was raised again at last month’s meeting of Forfar Community Council and by Mrs Jean Moir, care-taker for Hillcrest Housing Association at Manor Court.

Mrs Moir contacted the Dispatch and Herald to highlight the scale of the problem, with litter being blown over into residents’ gardens and drying areas.

The residents not only have to clear up the mess themselves but also pay for a gardener to come in to tidy up the garden area.

She said: “This is a daily occurrence, but some of the rubbish has been there for more than a year. We are all sick of it as some residents look right on to it.

“We have complained to the manager before but we are not getting anywhere. There are bollards going in to the car park but we have been told they are buckled and they are waiting to get them fixed.

“The young people sit in their cars well after the store is closed.

“There was a bin in the car park but it was over-flowing. It was taken away but hasn’t been put back again.”

As well as the rubbish discarded at the lower end of the car park, which gathers on the grassed bankings and in the trees and bushes, there is also a problem of leaves which have lain on the public steps since last autumn.

Mrs Moir added: “We take pride in our garden and have to clean this up. We also pay money for a gardener to come but this rubbish keeps being blown over into our gardens.”

Enquiries into what steps were being taken by the store to rid the area of those responsible for dropping litter were passed on to the company’s head office. However, despite repeated attempts, at the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday) no comment was forthcoming.