Fire safety advice for long term conditions group

The Forfar Long Term Conditions group was addressed by David McKenzie, Community Fire Officer, at its June meeting in the Academy Health Centre.

Mr McKenzie showed slides to illustrate his educational and informative talk which highlighted many issues which may seem general knowledge but in an emergency situation need to be second nature.

These included planning in case a fire should happen in the home and making sure all residents, family and friends are aware of the escape route and where to easily access keys. Many of the hazards which can be found in any home were brought to members’ attention, with possible alternatives being suggested.

He pointed out that preventing a fire is always the best method as there is only destruction and possible heartbreak if a fire happens.

The majority of fire deaths occur where there is no alarm or an alarm which did not work. Also if the house has gas appliances a carbon monoxide detector is vitally important.

Anyone with concerns can book a free home fire safety visit from a fire officer who willlook around the premises to identify possible hazards.

These can be booked by telephoning 0800 0731 999 or at Mr McKenzie emphasised that it is important to know how to reduce the chances of fire happening in the home and, if it does, how occupants can protect themselves.

The group’s next meeting will be on Friday, July 31 at 4pm.