Fighting for Bankhead residents

ANGUS Council’s failure to make improvements to Bankhead Terrace was again raised at this month’s meeting of Forfar Community Council.

Members first highlighted the issue the previous month when it emerged a fire appliance was unable to reach a house. At that time Derek Thomson of Tayside Fire and Rescue said nothing would hamper the service doing their work.

However, Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton pledged she would keep fighting to get improvements made.

She said: “It is the same answer every year - owner occupiers. I have asked for parking spaces to be made for residents but I have had the same answer every year - for 15 years.”

The meeting heard the council would not take action because of the number of owner occupiers in the Terrace - a point which angered community councillor Mike Lawson, He reminded the council residents were paying their council tax like everyone else and were entitled to receive the same services, including access for bin lorries and snow ploughs.

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross highlighted one instance when a resident had to be driven along the terrace in a four wheel drive vehicle to be transferred to a waiting ambulance, as the ambulance could not get along the road.

She had received a letter from residents who were calling for the road to be widened. They had sent a petition to the council in the hope of getting something done. She added that, whilst the council would say there was no money for improvements, they managed to find money for other projects including promoting Carnoustie as well as a car park at Lunan Bay which wasn’t on council ground. She added: “Here we have a road that belongs to the council and they are arguing about owner occupiers!”