Festive boost for Alasdair

Barrs Strathmore Forfar
Barrs Strathmore Forfar

A. G. BARR apprentice, Alasdair Shepherd, has won a financial scholarship award from the British Soft Drinks Industry Foundation (BSDA).

Dick Charlton, BSDIF trustee, presented the award to Alasdair at a ceremony on Wednesday, December 21 at Strathmore Water, Forfar, where Alasdair is undertaking his apprenticeship in engineering.

The prize is a grant of £1,000 per year for the duration of Alasdair’s four-year apprenticeship.

Mr Charlton said: “It’s fantastic that BSDIF can help enthusiastic individuals like Alasdair in their careers. BSDIF hopes this type of scholarship will attract young people to the industry and encourage them to use their talents so that the soft drinks industry can continue to innovate and build on its success.”

Bob Watson, Factory Manager at Strathmore Water, who describes Alasdair as a keen worker and has been impressed with him so far added: “Without investing in the youth of today we cannot hope to meet the challenges of tomorrow and Alasdair’s recruitment will help us maintain our class leading skills in the field of engineering within A G Barr.”

The British Soft Drinks Industry Foundation, previously the Industry’s Benevolent Society, has redefined its focus in recent years to address the growing shortage of people entering a career in the food and drink industry.

As Aidan Flynn, Organisational Development Manager at A. G. Barr describes: “Barr Soft Drinks are committed to the development of young people in the soft drinks industry.

“Our two apprentices in Cumbernauld have now finished their apprenticeships and both have full time roles.

“We are delighted to have started Alasdair as an apprentice in our Forfar factory and are confident he will progress well over his four-year apprenticeship. “We are grateful to the foundation for the support provided which will be used to enhance Alasdair’s training and development.”