Festival date for Sophia

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“Growing up in Forfar, if someone told me that I’ll be a movie producer and my feature film will be premiering at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2015, I wouldn’t believe them!”

So says Sophia Shek, a former pupil at Forfar Academy, whose family own the Rising Sun takeaway on West High Street, and who now works as a film producer in Hong Kong. Her film, a romantic comedy written by Emily Ting, “It’s Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong”, will be shown under ‘New Perspective’ at Cineworld, Edinburgh on June 19. Sophia explained: “Emily approached me with the screenplay and we hit it off immediately. She’s Taiwanese American and I am Scottish Chinese, we shared very similar family backgrounds and interest in films. We both had the same vision for the film and I was particularly drawn to her screenplay because it’s so Hong Kong!”

Despite having lived in Hong Kong for over a decade, and having her career there, Sophia told the Dispatch: “Forfar will never stop being my home. Every time I visit I still get this warm and fuzzy feeling. I can’t wait to catch up with my friends and their kids. I am still the Scottish Chinese girl they grew up with and nothing’s changed.”

Sophia will be travelling to Edinburgh for the premiere and explained: “I wouldn’t miss this experience for the world. I’ve invited all my friends here in Forfar and all around the UK. Not every day a local Forfar girl gets their film screening at a film festival alongside Robert Carlyle and Ewan Mcgregor!”