Fears of folding

A rallying call has gone out to residents in three areas of the east end of Forfar to come forward with suggestions to improve their area.

Despite a hugely successful launch, members of the LRP Action Group are expressing concerns that, after an initial flurry of activity, not enough people are speaking out about community issues which may result in the group folding.

Susan Kilcoyne, chairman of the group which serves the Lordburn, Restenneth and Pitreuchie areas, is hoping more people will come forward to boost their efforts to provide facilities for the whole community.

Working in partnership with Angus Council, the group is hoping to secure additional facilities for the Hornie play park – but they need to know exactly what local residents would like.

Susan is urging residents to come forward with ideas and warned: “If we don’t get the support of the community, then we can’t do anything. We really need the community behind us. If we don’t then the group will fold.”

LRP members have, in the past, been instrumental in identifying problem areas and acting on them.

They have secured improvements to bin recess areas, have carried out litter picks and have held children’s parties and fund-raisers.

Now the ground-work has been done, they are afraid this good work will go to waste if people do not come forward.

The group members have a number of projects they would like to get off the ground, but in the meantime they need to hear suggestions for improvements to the Hornie.

Susan explained: “We are thinking about holding a fun day in the park in the summer and are trying to get the community to pull together. We are trying to get neighbours to look after each other, to promote community spirit.

“However, we held a litter pick recently and, despite putting fliers out and on every notice board asking for volunteers, it was only the committee members who turned up.

“We need the support of the community, from residents from Lordburn, Restenneth and Pitreuchie.

“We are in a Catch 22 situation. We have funds available but need to find out what the people want. If they don’t come forward with ideas then nothing will be done.

“We have a big public park. The council are keen for us to work together to improve the park. It is dismal at the moment, when you see what has been put in at The Greens for the tourists.

“We have three swings, a chute and a wee roundabout. There was supposed to be £500 for each house built at the site of the infirmary to be spent on improvements to the park, but we are still waiting.”

“Anne Hattersley, our former chairman, goes round the area every week selling Loons Lottery tickets which helps to boost our funds.

“We are also thinking about holding a stovie dance in the summer.”

Susan urges anyone with any ideas to contact her at 15 Lordburn Place or vice-chairman Carrie Boyd at 68 Lordburn Place.