Fantastic response to band’s debut E.P.

White Baer.
White Baer.

A fledgling Forfar band is busy working on more original material after the successful release of its debut E.P.

White Baer has already played to rave reviews in Dundee and Glasgow and now the foursome is keen to build on its initial success.

After playing at The Record Factory in Glasgow and Buskers in Dundee, they have been heartened to secure further bookings.

The four first met when they were in the same class at Forfar Academy and have remained friends since leaving school.

Nicky Johnston and Dan Hedge had been playing covers in pubs for a few years and were joined by bass player Danny Sturrock.

Danny explained: “When the three of us had been jamming together for a month or so we decided we’d like to write our own songs purely for our amusement. A few months later we realised we were on to something and decided to get a drummer in. We knew Adam Valentine from school but hadn’t seen him since we all left so we got in touch and he came along and everything instantly fell into place.

“We didn’t want to conform to the standard ‘guitar band’ image so we experimented with soundscapes and ambiguous lyrics to create something unique whilst still using all the traditional instruments. We then concentrated on writing enough songs for a set and got gigging as soon as we could. The response was fantastic so the natural progression was to record an EP, working with Robin Wynn Evans who had previously worked with Pet Shop Boys, Robert Plant, and more recently, The View. The EP was released last Monday, includes three songs and is titled ‘Police Me’. The reaction has been phenomenal.”

White Baer will be playing at the Green Room, Perth on November 21, Cafe Drummond in Aberdeen on December 12 and at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow on January 31.