Family’s disgust at repeated thefts from grave

Items taken repeatedly from a family grave at Newmonthill Cemetery.
Items taken repeatedly from a family grave at Newmonthill Cemetery.

A Forfar family has spoken of their disgust after heartless thieves took items from their relatives’ grave in the town’s Newmonthill Cemetery.

And they fear that the grave is being targeted deliberately as there have been similar incidents several times at Christmas and anniversaries over the last two years.

One of the family, who asked not to be named, said: “Two years in a row now Christmas and anniversary items have been stolen from my granny and grandad’s grave. My mother goes to the grave on a regular basis to ensure it is well kept and the thought of someone going to their grave and taking their things is sickening and very unsettling.

“The act, rather than the value of the goods, is what we find more upsetting.”

They discovered the latest theft between Christmas and new year when they again attended the grave to find that ornaments had been stolen.

She added: “My family and I this morning found out the items we bought have gone missing yet again which has left is all deeply saddened. I’m definitely more angry at the fact someone interfered with their grave.

“It must be a very sad, desperate person to be capable of doing an act like this. I just hope whoever did it sees this and feels a deep sense of guilt.”

The girl’s father added that in the past a photograph of the couple had also been smashed.

He said: “We’ve replaced what was taken, but that’s gone too. It’s a disgrace.”