Facts on tap at Probus

The guest speaker at last Wednesday’s meeting of Kirriemuir Probus Club was Alex Rae, who gave a talk on his career in the Scottish water industry.

Alex started work with Central Regional Council, moving to Tayside after a few years.

Initially working on site, he gave an account of some interesting projects.

Looking for a new challenge, Alex moved firstly to financial planning, then with the advent of digital mapping, the transfer of water authority plant records to that medium.

This led to the setting up of the Roadworks Register, with the eventual aim of co-ordinating works by roads authorities and the various public utilities.

He gave a short history of public water supply and sewage treatment, detailing the changing responsibility from County, City and Burgh Councils to firstly Regional Councils, then Area Water Authorities, and finally Scottish Water - a publicly-owned company which is amongst the most efficient providers of water services in the UK.

It is also involved in commercial activities, including provision of consultancy to other countries, bringing revenue to Scotland.

Mike Visocchi proposed the vote of thanks. The Probus Club’s next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 1, when Robin Beattie will give a talk on ‘Power of Attorney’.

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