Exhibits galore at annual federation show

THE REID Hall in Forfar was full to over-flowing with beautiful hand-made exhibits at the weekend when the Angus Federation SWRI staged its annual competitive exhibition of work and flowering bulbs.

On show were over 1,000 items created by members throughout Angus, with mouth-watering entries from tartlets and treacle toffee to creme caramels and cranachans.

Crafts work was also to the fore with patchwork and photography sitting alongside exhibits in the floral art section.

On the day it was the Cortachy Institute which walked away with the Babington Challenge Cup for most points overall, with the Tealing Institute being runner-up. The Pate Challenge Cup (most points larger institutes) was also won by Cortachy, with Tealing again finishing runner-up.

The other trophy winners were as follows:-

Murray Cup, most points smaller institutes - Tannadice & Oathlaw/Eassie&Nevay; runner-up, Lintrathen. Housewives Cup, most points housewives section - Cortachy; runner-up, Kingsmuir. Handcrafts Cup, most points handcrafts section - Letham & District; runner-up, Tealing. Lawrie Cup, most points embroidery classes - Lintrathen; runner-up Menmuir.

Drumgeith Cup, larger institutes Co-op section - Tealing. Guilds Cup, smaller institutes Co-op section - joint winners Inverkeilor and Lintrathen. H & H Guilds Cup, institute with most points in senior members classes - Tannadice & Oathlaw.

Bulbs Cup, larger institutes bulbs - Cortachy. Cuthbert Shield, smaller institutes bulbs - Memus & Fern. Fairlie Salver, individual with most points in senior members classes - Sheila Bruce, Airlie. Mary Wyllie Trophy, overall best entry in art classes - Angela Hamper, Tannadice & Oathlaw. Caroline Lang Perpetual Salver, best overall bowl of bulbs - Susan McLaren, Cortachy. Chairman’s Choice of best item in show - Alison Wiseman, Tealing.

Mary Ross Cuthbert Trophy, most outstanding item in Co-op sections - Kathleen Black, Kingsmuir. Individual Handcrafts Cup, individual with most points in handcrafts - Margaret McIldowie, Lintrathen. Individual Housewives Cup, individual with most points in housewives - Elsie Nicoll, Memus & Fern.



Small dish vegetarian pate - 1, Marion McDonald, Cortachy; 2. Janey McFarlane, Kilry; 3, Jean McAllister, Muirdrum.

Individual curried rice salad - 1, Fiona Husband, Auchterhouse; 2, Eleanor Duncan, Northmuir; 3, June Archibald, Northmuir. Two slices of meat roll - 1, Caroline Lang, Cortachy; 2, Lizzie McFarlane, Kingsmuir; 3, Edith Dear, Kingsmuir. Decorated chicken breast coated with Aspic jelly - 1, Norah Meikle, Lundie; 2, Norma Grant, Tealing; 3, Anne Steel, Newtyle. Jar of orange chutney - 1, Isobel Buick, Kilry; 2, Sandra Boath, Cortachy; 3, Diane Murray, Eassie & Nevay.

Small jar of Hollandaise sauce - 1, Helen Kelly, Colliston; 2, Janey McFarlane; 3, Sandra Boath, Cortachy.

Individual tomato tartlet, puff pastry - 1, Dianne Murray, Eassie & Nevay; 2, Sandra Boath; 3, Elma Dickens, Northmuir. Jar of strawberry & redcurrant jam - 1, Fiona Brown, Eassie & Nevay; 2, Elsie Nicoll, Memus & Fern; 3, Margaret Aitchison, Kilry. Small bottle raspberry vinegar - 1, Marion McDonald; 2, Madge McCowan, Silvie & Ruthven; 3, Caroline Lang. Bottle of ginger and lemon cordial - 1, Isobel Buick, Kilry; 2, Margaret Irving, Silvie & Ruthven; 3, Elsie Nicoll, Memus & Fern. Four colettes (chocolates) - 1, Gladys Main, Tarfside; 2, Linda Yarr, Menmuir; 3, Norma Grant, Tealing. Treacle toffee - 1, Patsy Paton, Cortachy; 2, Kay Belton, Northmuir; 3, Iris Forrest, Westmuir.

Two hot cross buns - 1, Isobel Law, Logie Pert; 2, Sheila Smith, Cortachy; 3, Sandra Boath.

Flowerpot loaf - 1, Isobel Findlay, Aldbar; 2, Jean Wilkie, Tannadice & Oathlaw; 3, Evelyn Balfour, Letham & District. Two fruit squares 1, Joyce Little, Cortachy; 2, Kathleen McDonald, Kirriemuir; 3, Elsie Nicoll. Memus & Fern. Two garibaldi biscuits - 1, C. D. Allan, Aldbar; 2, Jean Pattullo, Kingsmuir; 3, Doris Alston, Menmuir.

Two date scones - 1, Isobel Buick, Kilry; 2, Liz McFarlane, Kingsmuir; 3, June Richardson, Inverarity.

Creme caramel - 1, Sheila McIntosh, Menmuir; 2, Diane Murray, Eassie & Nevay; 3, Edith Douglas, Carmyllie.

Individual cranachan - 1, Edith Douglas; 2, Norma Nicolson, Mattocks/Wellbank; 3, Iris Forrest.

Two slices courgette loaf - 1, Ruth Fraser, Kirriemuir; 2, Mary Wyllie, Kingsmuir; 3, Kathleen Milne, Kingsmuir.

Two English madeleines - 1, Margaret Mackie, Cortachy; 2, Isobel Findlay; 3, Caroline Lang. Child’s novelty birthday cake - 1, Ella McKay, Cortachy; 2, Janice Swankie, St Vigeans; 3, Sheila Bruce, Airlie. Floral art, a topiary tree - 1, Gloria Mitchell, Cortachy; 2, Doris Black, Letham & District; 3, Patsy Paton, Cortachy. Floral art, Easter Arrangement - 1, Gloria Mitchell; 2, Elma Sharp, Eassie & Nevay; 3, Jean McAllister, Muirdrum. See next week’s paper for handicrafts, art, seniors, bulbs and Co-operative results.