Exhibition to look at space and being

Work by Dundee artist Helen Angell-Preece.
Work by Dundee artist Helen Angell-Preece.

The Meffan gallery in Forfar’s next exhibition will be by Dundee artist, Helen Angell-Preece.

In this forthcoming exhibition, talent artist Helen expands her ongoing fascination with architecture and space, and how place gives us a sense of ourselves ‘being’ here.

She investigates the sculptural concerns of the solid and the void, by dividing the gallery spaces at The Meffan with her architectural constructions, creating a physical journey for the viewer to negotiate and experience for themselves.

A new video projection will enable viewers to explore the vast, semi-derelict expanse of a former Dundee jute mill through the use of cameras and video techniques.

The artist intends to explore the potentiality of being in a space – the feeling of inhabiting / becoming the space; and how much this has to do with materiality, boundaries and our own body movement.

The exhibition opens on Saturday, July 26 and runs until Saturday, August 23 - admission free.

For more information, visit www.angellspace.com or the Meffan Gallery’s Facebook page at facebook.com/TheMeffanGallery