Exhibition explores the nature of ‘home’

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“What is Home?”, an exhibition organised by the SSAMIS project (Social Support and Migration in Scotland) will be displayed in two venues in Angus: Arbroath Library, May 23 – June 24, 2017 and Brechin Museum July 13 – August 24, 2017.

The exhibition aims to reflect on some universal questions: “Where is home?”; “What makes a place a home?”; “When does a place become a home?” It includes contributions from participants of the Make It Happen Angus! pop-up café in Arbroath, children from St Thomas Primary School in Arbroath, local artists from the Participate Art Group, and local photographer, Jarek Szaranek. There will also be some interactive activities for adults and children to take part in.

Dr Paulina Trevena, researcher from SSAMIS and organiser of the exhibition, says: “Angus is one of those areas in Scotland which has recently been experiencing change, connected with new populations coming to live here. “We wanted to work on a theme that is important to all of us and provide all residents, both those born and bred in Angus and those who have settled here more recently, with the opportunity to explore and share their thoughts on what home means to them.

“We also wanted the exhibition to be inclusive and I am very happy that local artists, both budding and established, have decided to contribute to it. I hope it will provide local residents with the opportunity to see what ‘home’ is from many different perspectives.

“The exhibition feeds into the broader themes of the SSAMIS project. In the course of the research we have spoken to over 200 people from Central and Eastern Europe about their experiences of making Scotland their home, looking at how they have built their lives here, whether they have found their new home welcoming, and whether they feel settled in Scotland.”

SSAMIS is a collaboration between the University of Glasgow and Swansea University. This exhibition is part of its community engagement.