Westfield site promoted for new housing development

A notional layout of Muir Group's and Scotia Homes' proposal.
A notional layout of Muir Group's and Scotia Homes' proposal.

Proposals have been unveiled this week to promote land at Westfield, on Forfar’s south western outskirts, for residential development.

The Muir Group and Scotia Homes have joined forces for the proposal and have already lodged a Proposal of Application Notice to Angus Council.

If granted planning consent, the project would be a master plan-led development with an emphasis on sustainability and would create a green network linking the site to Forfar Loch and the town

Located at one of the town’s main gateways, the companies have said the site will provide the opportunity to create a development that would enhance the entrance to Forfar and make the most of good local transport

Both the Muir Group, which has already made significant investments in the town, including a joint venture with Angus Council at Orchardbank Business Park, and Scotia Homes, which already has a base at Kingsmuir, believe the housing development would provide a major boost for the local economy.

It would also follow the Muir Group’s recent completion of the Dunnichen Stone pub and restaurant as well as the development of the new KFC restaurant at the Orchardbank gateway

Combined, the projects have created around 100

The area around Orchardbank has been identified by the council in its local development plan, which is currently under revision, as one of the locations suitable to meet demand for local housing both in the short and long term.

During the last local plan process, the local authority recommended that the Westfield site should be allocated and both partners say they are optimistic that the project will receive the necessary

Stewart McPhail, Muir Group’s development director, said: “We have recognised the high quality of life that Forfar offers local residents and we want to work with the council to deliver a project that enhances the local environment while ensuring that the housing targets that the local plan has set can be

Derrick Thomson, Scotia Homes’ commercial director, added that the plans will soon be available for public consultation.

He said: “We are both proud of our reputation for sustainable development and the quality of our master plan which will form the basis for our public consultation to clearly demonstrate what the project will offer the local

A formal consultation process will take place over the next few months, with plans for a public exhibition and presentations to Forfar Community Council and other interested