Turbine plan for Kirkbuddo

ANGUS Council has recommended that an application for a single turbine at Kirkbuddo be given conditional approval.

The turbine will be 45.9 metres in height to tip and with it will be an associated sub-station building and temporary access track and placed in a field around 400 metres north of Greenhillock, Kirkbuddo.

The site itself will be around 800 metres in size around one kilometre north of the B9127 and 1.4 kilometres north east of Whigstreet.

The land itself is currently used for agriculture as is the land surrounding it.

At present there have been seven letters of representation from five parties.

The main issues within these letters relate to adverse impacts on the visual amenity of the area, potential cumulative impacts associated with other wind turbine developments, unacceptable noise impacts on neighbouring residential properties, adverse impact on natural heritage, possible electromagnetic interference to services, concern over health risks from those living close to the turbine and neighbours wishing for more extensive notification. There have also been concerns about devaluation of property in the area.

The plan has been recommended for approval as it complies with the relevant development plan policies and it will provide renewable energy in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of both local and national planning policy.

However, a number of conditions must be met including removal after 26 years, compliance with planning authority requests about noise emissions, that it will be removed within six months if no longer required and added details about cabling, colour, decommissioning scheme and archaeology be submitted. There should also be a survey of existing television signal reception to establish a baseline through which to assess the impact of the turbine.