Seeking solution at council level

Kirriemuir councillors Jeanette and Iain Gaul with their dogs Judy and Kirk during a walk in Kirriemuir.
Kirriemuir councillors Jeanette and Iain Gaul with their dogs Judy and Kirk during a walk in Kirriemuir.

Kirriemuir and Dean Councillors Iain and Jeanette Gaul saw first hand the mess left by irresponsible dog owners in the Bellies Brae and Kirrie Den area when walking their dogs Judy and Kirk.

Jeanette, who is the vice-convener of the neighbourhood services committee, expressed her disgust at the lack of respect shown to other park users by some dog owners and has asked for a report be brought to committee to debate the on-going problem and to find solutions.

She said: “This is a beautiful area of Kirriemuir and is much used by local people for dog walking, playing with children and exercising. My husband I are appalled at the mess owners are failing to clear up behind them. It is simply laziness and it leaves behind a mess for others to step over and step in and a costly and unappealing job for council staff to clean up”.

Iain, who is leader of the authority’s administration, spoke out against the practice saying: “There is simply no excuse for owners not to pick up after their pets. Between the car park at Bellies Brae and the end of the Den there are a dozen or so bins, all of which can be used to dispose of bagged dog waste. It can’t be that hard to keep an eye on your pet as it exercises and relieves itself and if you can’t do that perhaps you shouldn’t have a pet”.

Jeanette added: “I have asked that a report on the problem be brought to the neighbourhood services committee as soon as possible so we can debate the problem and start to look at solutions and if the extent of the fouling in the Den is anything to go by perhaps we should be calling on Ministers to give us stronger powers to tackle the problem.

“In the meantime I would urge all owners to bag and bin their waste and clean up after them or face the prospect of a fine for dog fouling”.

Iain concluded: “Anyone who sees dog owners allowing their dogs to foul and not picking up after them should report them to the Council’s Accessline on 0845 277 7778 and the Council will be in touch to follow that up and where there is the evidence we will issue a fixed penalty notice”.