Making the most of renewables

Saving energy: Paul Besford
Saving energy: Paul Besford

Canny businessman Paul Basford is so pleased with how renewable energy has turned his £23,000 a year power and heating bill into a profit he’s opening up his home to show others how it’s done.

Paul, who made his fortune through property development and a string of fish and chip shops, lives in a large country house at Menmuir with his family.

He is using wind power to generate his electricity needs and is making money by selling the surplus to the national grid.

And he also heats the house, his swimming pool, and outhouses, using a biomass boiler fuelled in the main by wood from the 37 acres of land his home sits in.

It all adds up to a dramatic cut in bills for Paul, who turned to green power after contacting Myriad CEG, the leading UK renewable energy company.

Paul is now opening his home to people wanting to look at his turbine. Call him to arrange an appointment in advance on 07966 714874 and learn direct from the owner.

After taking Myriad CEG’s expert advice he decided Northern Power was the best 100kW turbine on the market and he turned to Myriad CEG Wind’s expert team to supply and install it.

The planning process took just six months – with no objections from his neighbours - and his turbine is on target to generate 260,000kW in its first year.

Seventy per cent of that is exported and the 30 per cent he uses himself along with the income from the electricity sold back to the grid has wiped out his electricity bill entirely.

On top of that he has a 125kW biomass boiler providing his heating – including his pool, which he and his family can now use without seeing bills soar as a result.

Myriad CEG Wind expect the turbine alone to generate an income of £85,000 a year, including the electricity saving.

Paul said: “Having a large house, my utility bills were something like £23,000 a year for electricity and oil – and rising.

“I was looking at ways to make the house more economical and pay for itself and I’ve found it. This is the best investment I could have made.

“Everything went smoothly with the planning process and the installation, with Myriad providing advice and support throughout.

“In the first six months the Northern Power turbine has generated 130,000kW/h, which is fantastic.

“The team at Myriad CEG were absolutely marvellous and very professional. They did exactly what they had planned, when they had planned to.

“Renewable energy has certainly provided the solution for me and I think more and more people are now looking at the advantages it can bring to them.”

Paul’s biomass boiler is fuelled in the main by wood collected from his land – the rest is supplied locally. He finds it a simple and efficient method of providing heat for the property.