Dog dirt is an ever present menace

IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners who allow their pets to foul the streets have been blasted by Angus Council’s leader.

Iain Gaul was speaking at a recent meeting of Kirriemuir Community Council at which the issue again came to the fore.

After a discussion about the use of dog faeces bins in the town, Councillor Gaul said: “Dog dirt is not a council issue, in a way it is a cultural issue.

“If you have no respect for where you live then you should be ashamed of yourself.

“Allowing dogs dirt to lie is completely anti-social. If you can’t clean up after it then don’t have a dog in the first place.”

Since then residents have taken to our Facebook page in their droves to express their disgust over the issue.

Mark Watt agreed with Councillor Gaul’s sentiments, he said: “Some people can’t look after themselves, never mind picking up after their dog and they shouldn’t have one.

“We don’t need animal waste bins it is just laziness on the owner’s part.”

Colette Robertson felt that there was a great need for dog waste bins in the town: “I have banged this particular drum for years that there is only one dog waste bin in the whole of the Southmuir and none at the most popular dog walking areas at Caddam or Kate’s Woods or along the Old Road area.

“I was told it is all to do with the cost of emptying these bins, what about the cost to health and possible blindness in children? My mother is blind and she regularly has to clean dog poo from her shoes as it is left lying outside her house on the pavement, which is on a route to school.

“The pavements around the schools are an absolute disgrace with dog fouling.”

Val Campbell added: “I don’t think there are poo bins at Caddam and Kate’s Woods as they are private but it would certainly be handy.

“I’ve seen dog owners not picking up the poo in Kirrie but as part of a responsible group of owners I wouldn’t dream of not picking it up.

“We’ve all experienced the ‘poo on the shoe’ scenario and it’s disgusting. Please don’t tar us with the same brush and report the irresponsible ones to the dog warden. Chances are they walk the same route every day so the warden can have a word.”

Irena Krasinska-Lobban agreed that there should be bins at the woods, she said: “There should definitely be a bin at each of the entrances to Caddam Wood, Mid Road is disgusting with the amount of dog poo there. Heaven knows what the wood itself is like. I wouldn’t take my dogs there, it must be like one big toilet.

“But why can’t people pick it up - and take it away if there isn’t a bin handy. Don’t tie the bag to the fence or just leave it lying. If you have a dog, you should clean up after it.”

Rachel Jackson agreed: “More dog waste bins are needed! It’s ridiculous that there are no dog waste bins at the entrances to Kate’s Wood and Caddam wood when these are the places where most dog walkers go!”

Arlene Walker added: “There are somewhere in the region of 20 dog bins round Forfar Loch.

“In Kirrie they are very few and far between, none near the town - not that they are particularly nice things but one could be tucked away somewhere.

“Some owners seem to think bagging it and hanging it on the gates of the woods is a good idea - yuck! It is the same irresponsible owners who do not pick up.

“Some councils provide biodegradable bags next to their bins ...”