Campaign group against Dodd Hill windfarm plan


A GROUP of local campaigners have released a picture of what they fear Dodd Hill could look like should plans to install a wind farm go ahead.

The image taken from Chapel Road at Bucklershead is an artist impression showing four of the proposed five turbines. Measurements taken from fixed structures give a clearer impression of the impact to the countryside.

West Coast Energy from Wales proposes to erect five, 126 metre wind turbines on Dodd Hill adjacent to Carrot Hill, Angus. These turbines will be larger than the ones located at Michelin Tyre Company.

Local campaign group Against Carrot/Dodd Hill Turbines (ACT) fear that approval of the proposal could unleash a procession of giant turbines, similar in size to the London Eye and two and a half times the size of the Old and East Parish Church steeple in Forfar, across the beautiful Angus countryside.

The campaigners have been speaking with visitors to the Carrot Hill viewpoint, many of whom walk to the Carrot Hill trig and across to the Dodd Hill Cairn where they admire an uninterrupted 360 degree view of the Fife Coast, North Sea, Sidlaws and Strathmore Valley. The visual impact of the wind turbines will adversely effect this beautiful visitor attraction.

Over 150 of the visitors spoken with over a two week period indicated that this proposal would definitely spoil the visual impact and their enjoyment of the area. The area, known for its peace and tranquillity, has adjacent moorland containing a public footpath enjoyed by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

A petition has also been signed by the many visitors to this area showing their concern for the development.

There are at least 33 houses within this area and there are concerns for the wellbeing of local residents as the noise emitted from turbines can cause sleep deprivation. Research indicates that sleep deprivation for the local residents will likely have a knock on effect on their health.

There are also numerous other options being proposed, including Seagreen Energy Offshore wind farm which would be located 25 km off the Angus coastline and serving Tealing Power Station.

Campaigners are in consultation with the Local Community Council, MSP and MP.