Call to clean-up your act

Campers who have been visiting a wooded area at the back of Whitehills have left a trail of rubbish and broken glass in their wake.

Local residents and dog walkers have found shattered glass, abandoned tents and other items which are not only proving to be a health hazard but are dangerous for those using the area for leisure, including walking and biking.

Lunanhead resident Dorothy Bruce contacted the Dispatch to report the problem in the hope that parents of those involved will get the message through to those responsible that they should tidy up after themselves.

She said: “The message has to get through to them that they should clear up after themselves. I think they think it’s like T in the Park and that someone will come behind them and clear up. There are two tents, a bike helmet, glass which has been deliberately broken and a whole load of rubbish. I don’t have a dog but those who do are worried. A number of local residents have already been out clearing up the mess. The tents have just been abandoned.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council urged anyone who finds area of litter to contact the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778 to report litter and the local authority will follow it up.