Call for streets to be rid of litter and mess

ANGUS Council’s Litter Day of Action last Thursday, designed to clamp down hard on those who blight the countryside, towns and villages of Angus with litter, has prompted calls for tougher, more constant action on those who drop litter, writes Janet Thomson.

The day of action, co-ordinated by the country’s leading charity for the environment, Keep Scotland Beautiful, aimed to raise the profile of litter enforcement, stressing to the public that dropping litter is a crime.

Angus Council staff were out in force issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to anyone they saw dropping litter, fly-tipping or not picking up after their dog.

Through our popular facebook sites we asked if more should be done to tackle this problem - and the resounding response was “yes”

One Forfar resident slammed those who failed to pick up after their dogs, and Angus Council for not clearing up the mess.

Cath Peebles identified Victoria Street as “a disgrace” with people letting their dogs foul and not pick it up.

She also stated the steps into Bell Place had never had a street cleaner. She said: “It’s left to people who stay in the flats to clean and pick up the litter that school kids drop quite willing on route to school from Goosecroft etc.”

She continued: “When the council do come on occasion to cut the grass, do they bother to clean up their mess? They don’t bother their backsides, again it’s left to the residents who are trying very hard to keep this area clean and drugs paraphernalia free. Angus Council are a disgrace! Simple as that. Get this sorted ASAP!”

Linda Ross agreed more should be done to tackle the problem. She highlighted the amount of litter dropped in the Greens Car Park over night adding: “There is also still lots of dogs mess not getting picked up and kids play in that area. You never see any wardens going about to catch the people responsible for it.”

Scott C. Davidson suggested Angus Council should have a regular look round the area of Don Street flats which is used by kids using it as a shortcut walkway from Tesco back to the Academy at lunchtimes.

On our Kirriemuir site Alan Franchi commented: “No doubt this will be the community wardens giving out the fines. While I agree with the reasons for issuing the fines this wasn’t why the wardens were brought into being. Seems they have become revenue gatherers for Angus Council.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Community wardens and waste management inspectors took part in the recent Litter Day of Action, heightening awareness amongst members of the public of the need to dispose of litter appropriately. One penalty notice for dog fouling was issued.

“We remind dog-walkers that they should clean up after their pets and that bagged fouling should be disposed of properly in one of the designated bins, in any litter bin, or in their own household waste bins. Failure to do so can lead to a fine. Dog waste bags are available from council ACCESS offices at modest cost.

“Flytipping is an offence which can lead to an on-the-spot fine, as can littering in the street.

“Although Angus Council staff do clean the streets and pick up litter in our towns and villages, we rely on the co-operation of the public, including schoolchildren, to act responsibly and bin their litter, or take it home with them.

“Anyone who finds drugs paraphernalia should not attempt to deal with it themselves but should contact Angus Council ACCESSLine 08452 777 778 for its safe removal.”