End of road for twinning

MEMBERS of Forfar Community Council expressed their disappointment that hopes of the town twinning with the city of Duncan in Canada appear to have come to an end.

At their meeting in Forfar on Thursday evening, chairman Mrs Isobel Ross read a letter which had been forwarded by the Rev. David Logan of St Margaret’s Church.

The minister had addressed the previous month’s meeting at which he expressed his hopes that Forfar would twin with Duncan, which is situated on Vancouver Island.

However the letter from Lynn Ketch, director of corporate services with the City of Duncan, reveals the offer to twin has been declined.

Writing on behalf of the city council, she states Duncan already has “longstanding ‘Sister City’ relationships with Ville de Montmagny, Quebec, Canada; Kaikohe, New Zealand and Meru, Kenya.

She wrote: “In the past we shared in a variety of cultural exchanges that included visits and letter writing.

“We found these exchanges to be beneficial in that they help educate people and link different cultures and geographic areas with each other.

“The city feels that, due to the lack of framework for this type of twinning relationship, we must respectfully decline your request to participate in a twinning with the town of Forfar, Scotland.”

As a footnote, the Mr Logan commented on the letter: “Seems like the end of the road for this idea - what a pity”.

Commenting on the set back, Mrs Ross said: “I think this area has a lot to offer and from the presentation the Rev. Logan gave at last month’s meeting, I thought we had a lot to offer them.”

Angus councillor Glennis Middleton added that perhaps any possible town twinning could “resurrect itself” as the twinning and friendship between St Margaret and the Duncan United Church develops.