Encouraging staff to help community

Energy supplier Scottish Hydro says that encouraging staff to help community groups delivers all round benefits.

Scottish Hydro believes that by giving staff time off for volunteering helps their local communities to reap the benefits and ensures that employees and the business also benefit in the long run.

In the last twelve months, staff have donated 3,266 days of their time to volunteering to 335 community projects, many of which have been spent at local schools and community groups – completing projects that just wouldn’t have been possible without Scottish Hydro’s help.

The initiative, which is designed to get thousands of power workers rolling up their sleeves and putting real energy into the communities they live and work in, has seen help offered to local schools, hospices and community centres. Recent activity has included painting a school playground, a garden makeover for a local nursery, decorating a community centre and cleaning up local parks.

Scottish Hydro’s Volunteering Manager, Bryony Powell says staff have already made an excellent contribution and supported worthwhile environmental and social projects that they feel passionate about. She said: “It is really important to Scottish Hydro that we get involved with projects on a local level, and the fact that staff are all keen to be involved is a bonus.

“We have noticed that morale has become even better since we started the project last year, and there is a team building element to it; teams work better together because of it. Communication is also greatly improved across the company as staff that would not normally work together, now get the opportunity to do so.”

For more information please visit www.scottishhydro.co.uk