Pupils’ time capsule set in stone

Freda Napier, Scott Anderson and Charlotte Hebdon with the pupils.
Freda Napier, Scott Anderson and Charlotte Hebdon with the pupils.

Children from Whitehills Primary School sent a message to the future by burying a time capsule in the grounds of The Dunnichen Stone pub and restaurant in Forfar.

The capsule contained a number of items celebrating life at the school including a Whitehills tie; jersey and gym bag; letters to the future, class photos, school newsletters as well as the latest edition of the Forfar Dispatch.

Freda Napier, Forfar Community Council’s planning contact, gave the children a hand to bury the capsule, the site of which was marked with a plaque that was unveiled on the day.

She said: “It’s great for the children as it gives them an opportunity to think. It’s history in the future, as opposed to history in the past.”

Coureen Peters, head teacher, also praised the project.

She added: “It’s great to be involved in such a fantastic opportunity for the children to reflect on their experiences at Whitehills Primary School and to raise aspirations for their futures.

“We can’t wait to come back in 50 years.”

Scott Anderson, manager of The Dunnichen Stone,

said: “It was great to see the kids and hear what they had put into their time capsule and their enthusiasm for the project.

“It is not only a fascinating project for youngsters to take part in, but it’s also quite symbolic for us too, it will be around for generations of families to enjoy.”