Business management pupils get some hands-on experience

PUPILS from Forfar Academy’s S4 business management class have been very busy recently.

To make the understanding of different methods of production more realistic, a practical approach was taken. The class were divided into three production groups using the methods of job, batch and flow production to make chocolate crispie cakes.

Firstly a recipe had to be found and a list of ingredients and equipment identified. Pupils were issued with job sheets and had to complete stock orders.

Discussion took place about each method and how production would be carried out. Other production issues such as health and safety and quality control were also addressed.

Using one of the school kitchens, production took place in a controlled and professional way. All pupils took their roles seriously and some great team-work was evident.

The next lesson was a follow-up discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each method and quality checking opportunity. All three groups came up with several different pros and cons and a few quality concerns were highlighted. The tasting session went very well and little was left over.

With the shared points from each group pupils individually prepared a report on the three methods indicating in their conclusion the most suitable method for this type of product.

With enthusiasm still running high it was agreed to use the remaining raw materials to make and sell cakes for the ‘Macmillan Cancer’ coffee morning appeal on Thursday, September 27, which raised £64.54.