Big plans for a Jubilee garden

A group of Senior pupils at Forfar Academy, led by Ritchie McNeil (S6), have got together with the aim of transferring the run-down, decayed bushes underneath the English windows a Garden of Commemoration for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The garden aims to improve the overall appearance of the school and would bring some welcome colour to playground.

The Rural Skills group, led by Mr Rae, are to be involved in the actual gardening of the space and have made a great start in clearing the area in preparation for the plants and flowers to be planted.

Ritchie and the S6 pupils held a bake sale to raise money for the Garden, resulting in a profit of £164.40, this along with a donation of £200 from the parent council will go some way in funding the project.

The group have been able to secure a bench from David Irons and Sons Ltd for the discounted price of £75, which is a major help in keeping costs low, many thanks to David Irons and Sons Ltd for this discount.

There is to be a plaque placed to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee, and will take pride of place in the Garden.