Asda festival

The Asda Kwik Cricket Festival took place at Strathmore Cricket Club recently with six teams of eight children each with a minimum of three girls from four primary schools from around Angus North.

The participating schools were Langlands Primary, Whitehills Primary, Airlie Primary and Tealing Primary.

It was a great cricket day with lots of exciting matches and excellent kwik cricket skills displayed by the youngsters. At the end of the day three teams had reason to celebrate as they tied to go through to the final in Arbroath last week. Whitehills (Forfar) A team, Airlie and Langlands (Forfar) A team all tied with four wins and one loss

Asda are funding the development of young cricketers in the community and Asda are sponsoring the national Kwik Cricket Competition for the seventh year running. It involves nearly 140,000 children from 12,000 schools across the UK. Asda Community Life Champions from over 300 stores all around the country attend their local tournaments each year to hand out healthy snacks and drinks to the young players, aiming to drive children to get healthy and active through sport. The festival at Strathmore Cricket Club was supported by Andrea Logan from the Asda store in Forfar.

For more information go to or contact Monika Orolinova on 0207 759 2072,