Anger as pupils miss out on ‘lifetime opportunity’

OUR Facebook page was inundated with comments after the majority of Forfar Academy pupils missed the Olympic flame passing through Forfar last Tuesday.

One parent commented: “I really think it’s terrible there was no forward planning by Forfar Academy staff. I was more than happy for my son to have time out for this once in a lifetime event but his form teacher would not allow him to go. He was threatened with losing his place in fifth year if he went as he would be playing truant. If permission slips were required I would have happily returned it but no thought was given to this. Such a huge shame they missed out on a historic event in their home town.” Whilst some pupils watched the relay live on screens in class, one pupil commented: “I think it’s ridiculous that we were made to watch it on a screen in the lunch hall when it was happening 200 yards down the road live!” Many felt plans should have been put in place for the pupils to witness a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, although others questioned the logistics of keeping so many pupils safe. Another added: “All the kids from Angus should have had the chance to see it. It all should have been organised as soon as the route had been announced. Can’t believe it was so close and Angus Council didn’t make a bigger deal of it without any financial cost, just a couple of hours off school!”