Don’t lose your vote!

FORFAR people are urged to ensure that they are not one of the 17,800 households in Angus whose occupants risk losing their vote due to not returning their annual registration form.

Each year, the Electoral Registration Office sends out registration forms to 55,000 households in Angus as part of its annual canvass to update the electoral register. So far 37,200 have been returned and reminders have been sent to those who have not.

Official canvassers will also call door to door to the addresses of those who have not returned their form.

John Galbraith, electroal registration officer for Angus, said: “We send out annual registration forms so that we can ensure the electoral register is accurate.

“Everyone should check and return this form even if they completed one the year before or they risk being removed from the electoral register.

“In particular, anyone who has moved house or changed name will need to register their new details.”

Anyone who did not receive a registration form should contact their local Electoral Registration office on 01307 462416.

Information about voting can also be found at