Don Street closed for repairs

DON STREET in Forfar closed for three weeks on Monday whilst repairs are undertaken.

Providing the weather stays fair for the carriageway surfacing and drainage works, the work should be completed by Angus Council in the time frame given. The diversion route for motorists will be running through Brechin Road, Market Street and John Street.

The road surface has been deteriorating over a period of time and it is an 80-metre stretch of surface water culvert that is in need of repair.

This is not the first time this street has appeared in the Dispatch. In June 2010, a large sink-hole appeared on the street and it was temporarily filled with tar to make it safe for pedestrians and motorists. The repair later collapsed and an even larger hole appeared.

The hole, which was adjacent to the pedestrian entrance to the Tesco car park, had appeared earlier on in the month, but at that time it was no bigger than the size of a manhole.

Angus Council was carrying out investigations into the hole, but struck a water main, causing people to either be without a supply or with reduced pressure until Scottish Water resolved the issue.

The hole was approximately nine inches deep and three foot in diameter. Later an investigation by Scottish Water claimed that the hole was created not by their property, but by a culvert, which lies within the council’s responsibility.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Work begins in Don Street, Forfar on Monday, September 10, to replace an 80 metre stretch of a surface water culvert which is in poor condition. The work is expected to take three weeks, weather permitting, and there will be a road closure in place. The diversion route will run via Brechin Road, Market Street and John Street.”