Dogs’ dirt campaign gathers pace

POSTERS will be appearing at sites all over Forfar in an attempt to get the message through to dog owners to pick up after their pets.

An innovative poster campaign has been devised by Forfar school pupil Sophie-Ann Robson following her letter to the Forfar Dispatch highlighting the problem around Whitehills Primary School.

Following her letter the eight-year-old was invited along to Forfar Community Council on Thursday evening - and her heartfelt plea for action gained the full support of the community councillors and Angus councillors present.

She told the meeting she and her friends were “fed up” with the amount of dogs’ mess on the route to and from school.

She said: “I have seen people actually letting their dog poo and not picking it up. It’s getting really annoying.”

Chairman Mrs Isobel Ross said the matter had been discussed “for years” and whilst Angus councillor Glennis Middleton said it had to be recognised there were a lot of responsible dog owners who did pick up after their dogs, she urged the public to report those who do not. She added: “The community wardens and dog wardens have done a good job and the police have played their part but they can’t be there all the time.”

The meeting embraced Sophie-Ann’s suggestion of posters designed by primary pupils which could be laminated and distributed throughout the town. Community councillors also agreed a prize should be available for the best design.