Dog mess on Forfar streets causes upset for local mum

Samantha and Kaan
Samantha and Kaan

A LOCAL mum has contacted the Dispatch and Herald to speak of her disgust at the “obscene” amount of dog mess in Forfar.

Samantha Sievwright (26) is so disgusted by the amount of dog mess, particularly where she lives in the Montrose Road and Gowan Bank area, that she snapped several photos of the foul mess on the pavement and sent them to us.

Samantha, who lives at Priory Wynd regularly takes her son, Kaan (2), out for fresh air and to toddler groups.

And she is sick of dodging the dog poo on a daily basis.

She said: “I have counted up to 15 piles of dog mess along a relatively short pavement here in Forfar and it is absolutely disgusting. My son is walking and it is a constant battle to stop him stepping in the mess.

“It breaks my heart because he walks along pointing at the mess and saying dirty, dirty, dirty and I am constantly having to tell him to watch his feet.”

Samantha often ventures out with her son in the pram to toddler groups and has had occasions where the dog mess has smothered the wheels of the pram.

She added: “You want to be able to take your child out for a walk without having to worry about something like dog mess. When Kaan is walking and not in the pram it is just a constant worry hoping that he doesn’t step in it.”

Samantha is concerned at the lack of dog waste bins in her area, adding: “The parks in Forfar seem to have the right amount of bins but the residential areas are seriously lacking.”

Working on a self-employed basis at Reinvention hairdressers in Forfar, the Forfar mum has found that her clients have also been commenting on the amount of dog mess in Forfar. She added: “It is obviously a real problem.”

This is, of course, not the first time dog mess has caused upset as Forfar school pupil Sophie-Ann Robson wrote a letter to the Forfar Dispatch highlighting the problem around Whitehills Primary School as she and her friends were sick of the dollops of dog dirt whilst walking to school. And our Facebook page is often full of posts highlighting dog mess hot spots and anger at irresponsible owners.

The ongoing problem of dogs’ dirt in Forfar is not going away, with more and more residents contacting the Dispatch and Herald to speak of their disgust at the mess that is now being left throughout the town.

Shona Ritchie said on Facebook: “Disgusted with the state of the pavements in Forfar. I live in the town and on Monday my two year old daughter and I had to walk on the road there was so much dog mess on the pavements. People who don’t pick up after their dogs should be ashamed! I’m regularly on the ‘phone to the access line and have had community wardens at my house twice but the problem doesn’t seem to be getting any better. When was the last time someone was caught and fined?”

Ruth Ruane commented: “Montrose road is like an assault course some days. I have to check the pram wheels before I go in the house.”

Jayme Flynn said: “Every day I walk to work along Queen Street and the pavement is always the same. Dog muck all along it! Even the private pathway at my flat at Back Wynd there is dog muck. It’s becoming safer to walk on the road than it is on the pavement in case you stand in the mess. People wouldn’t let their kids mess outside, why should they let their dogs? More fines need to be handed out or pets removed from their owners!”

And Samantha commented: “It’s the owners responsibility to clean up after their dogs. Going for a nice walk with our children isn’t so lovely when we have to clean shoes and prams. Something has to be done.”

Anyone affected by dog fouling issues should report issues in the first instance to the Access Office on 08452 777 778 or Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222 who will liaise with the community wardens who patrol the identified areas.

Alternatively, any information can be left on the community office answer service by telephoning 01575 576625 and it is reminded that all calls are treated confidentially.

If dog owners do not pick up after their pets, the council or the police can issue them with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £40.