Do you know Jock Smith from Forfar?

A LINCOLNSHIRE family has contacted the Dispatch and Herald in the hope of tracking down a Forfar man who for years has sent them a Christmas card signed simply “from Jock Smith, Forfar”.

Janet Chapman e-mailed our office to say that, sadly, her father in law Ray Chapman passed away in October 2009, but Jock has continued to send a card to the family.

The card is addressed to Mr and Mrs Ray Chapman of Top Road, South Killingholme, in north east Lincolnshire, but the family have no way of contacting Jock to tell him their news.

Janet said: “We have run out of ideas of how to get hold of Mr Smith as none of the family know who this is - that’s why we contacted the Dispatch. We did go on the internet but Jock Smith is such a common name there were quite a lot of them and we can’t ring them all. We have no clue as to who Jock is or how he knew Ray. Ray was in so many things - the British Legion, 5.50 Squadron, the Army - so that could be the connection. In the war he flew with 5.50 Squadron from Killingholme and he was an honorary member of the squadron. The squadron had a get together once a year so maybe he knew Jock from these.”

Ray is survived by his wife, Gertrude, and she and her family would like to pass on their news to Jock that Ray sadly passed away at the age of 72. Janet added: “It’s a shame Jock is still sending these cards. There is no address on them or we would have written to him years ago.” If you know Jock or his family Janet can be contacted on 01469 518820.