Divided opinion on Castle Street flow

FOLLOWING the news that 92% of shopkeepers and businesses in Castle Street are calling for a re-think to the one-way system we asked you for your thoughts.

While most were agreeing that the system should be kept as one-way there are still many in favour of changing it back.

Here are just a selection of the replies you posted on our facebook page.

Scott Allan said: “Keep it the way it is, as with the way some were parking outside Nationwide etc., you could not move at times.”

Jim Allison agreed: “It’s a big improvement, at least you can get through in one go.”

Karen Law said: “I find that I can always get a park to pop in to shops I need to go to on the one way stretch now, and it’s not hard to plan journeys going the other way.

“What is annoying is the current road closures limit the choices of which way to go.”

Ewan Douglas added: “The one way system is far better for pedestrians and as a driver I don’t mind having to slightly change the route I take. However, if it is having an effect on the trade of local small businesses, that’s a bit of a shame.”

Andrea Tait said: “As a pedestrian with young children I find it a lot easier and safer to cross the road. I hope it stays one way.”

Hayley Cargill agreed: “The one-way system is much better there are more parking spaces and easier to cross with children like Andrea said.”

Some remained on the fence about how the road should be laid out, Craig Kearns said: “I’m undecided on this.

“I agree with the comments about crossing the road with kids in tow and finding parking easier but I’m still inclined to think there shouldn’t be a need for it if people parked their cars legally and sensibly and a zero tolerance taken by wardens and police to those who don’t.

“If local businesses are being negatively affected by this and not just a general downturn then serious consideration should be given to alleviate this, we’ve lost too many shops both locals and national chains.”

Karen Smith also feels that the illegal parkers are a problem, she said: “It’s great, but it’s the illegal parkers I hate the most on Castle Street.

“Is it really too much to ask to just walk that extra 20 feet or so? There is a reason why the yellow lines are there!”

Fiona Reid added: “I like it the way it is. If Arbroath can cope with a pedestrian area then surely we can cope with a one way system.”

Garry Robertson said: “Having Castle Street one-way is the best option. When it was two-way, you would get inconsiderate drivers just parking either side, and causing gridlock.”

Alan Proctor is in favour of changing it back, he said: “The Camerons got it spot on, back to two-way with better policing.

“There are two big and free car parks a two minute walk from Castle Street.

“The councillor or roads department person who thought of this should be given their jotters or at least demoted.”