Death of John Chapman Ruddock

FORFAR man John Chapman Ruddock died at home in Whangerai, New Zealand on November 6, with Ivana, his much loved wife and soulmate, and other close family by his side.

Known variously as Johnnie and Jock, he was born in the Fyfe-Jamieson Maternity Home in Forfar in 1942. His mother, Ennis, was the second daughter in the Chapman family of Windsor Cottage, Dundee Loan.

Johnnie attended Forfar Academy in his teens, prior to joining the Metropolitan Police and then the New Zealand police, before engaging in an amazing and varied career, often displaying his many musical and artistic talents.

For 28 years he was an international wrestler, once appearing as the Black Angel in the Reid Hall.

During his wrestling career he acquired a reputation as a bone-setter and then went on to develop with Ivana, a vet from Brno, a complementary therapy, which is a gentle non-invasive soft tissue bodywork system, for the care of horses.

Together they had an international following and were much loved across several continents by their patients and horse-owners alike.

Johnnie was a charismatic chap, a one-off dynamic guy with a gutsy sense of humour, who always bounced back from what ever hardship life threw at him.

Indeed, he inspired so many people with his passion for life, not least of all as he strove to conquer the cruel illness that dogged his last 15 months.

Johnnie loved Scotland to which he returned whenever he could, but wanted to spend his last few months with Ivana at his mountain home in New Zealand.

Johnnie is survived by Ivana, five children and seven grandchildren, who, along with his Chapman and Ruddock relatives in Scotland and England and friends across the globe, mourn his loss but are so happy to have been part of his life.

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