DD8 Music sets record straight regarding Bon Scott statue

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The chairman of Kirriemuir community group DD8 Music has set the record straight regarding plans to erect a statue in tribute to the town’s rock legend, Bon Scott of AC/DC.

Recent press reports suggested over three quarters of those polled by Angus Council, 78 per cent, were against the life-size statue being erected in Kirrie Square.

The survey was carried out as part of the consultation of the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme which is working on the redevelopment of the Square.

However Graham Galloway, chairman of DD8 Music, pointed out only 122 people were surveyed.

He said: “I think we need to make it clear that it was a poll of 122 people, which is not a huge poll. While the majority came out against the siting of the statue in the Square, they are not necessarily opposed to the statue.

“We have got other locations in the town that we are thinking about. This is not the end of the project and we are still going ahead with it.”

Mr Galloway was due to have a meeting with CARS representatives on Tuesday as the Dispatch and Herald were going to press.

He continued: “I hope to meet with CARS to discuss ways to take things forward. There are also a few potential issues with the survey itself which have come to light.

“I will be querying some of the statistics. I think this is a very small poll. We have had a huge amount of people coming forward to say they do support the statue and I don’t think the poll truly reflects the feeling in the town.

“Whether or not it is in the Square is up for debate but DD8 wants this for the community. It will be an asset and we are willing to look at alternative sites. We might conduct our own survey of the different options to see what comes out on top.

“We believe this could really turn the town around and would be a huge tourist asset. I have been talking to an Irish councillor in Ballyshannon, a small town of 3,500 people.

“It put up a statue in 2010 of rock guitarist Rory Gallagher, a fantastic musician but who is well down the list of rock hierarchy compared to Bon Scott. They have an annual music festival similar to our BonFest where 11,000 come to town injecting an extra two million Euros a year into the economy, which is huge for a small town.

“AC/DC had the second biggest album of all time with a huge world-wide fan base and we want to tap into that market for Kirriemuir.”

Mr Galloway hit out at the misrepresentation in the press of the size of the proposed statue, which would be five foot six.