Daryl’s name cleared

DARYL Beech, well-known in the Kirriemuir area for his campaigning for animal rights and his fund-raising through Easy Walkers, has spoken of his relief that his name has been cleared after allegations he had not passed money on to the Scottish SPCA.

Daryl was the subject of a police investigation after a complaint was made about his operations, but last week he received confirmation no action would be taken against him.

He said: “I am really glad my name has been cleared. I got close to a lot of people and organisations in Kirriemuir and the trust was gone. That tore my heart out as I had built up so much trust with so many people which was gone after one silly allegation which turned out not to be true.

“At the end of the day, the people who doubted me have driven me to a better life. This has made me strong but I will be back!

“My life has been on hold for the last 10 months. A lot of police hours have gone in to this and I would like to know how much public money has been spent on this investigation, given the manpower involved. It is absolutely crazy.”

Daryl said his reputation and his business were put in jeopardy during the investigation, pointing out he had spent 12 years building up his business.

He claimed dead animals were being left on his doorstep and that a hate campaign had been launched against him on the social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Daryl added he had moved to Glasgow and his life is back on track now the “rumours, speculation and allegations” are behind him.

A spokesperson for Tayside Police confirmed they had received a complaint that money had not been handed over to the Scottish SPCA She said: “We made a thorough police investigation and there will be no further police action at this time.”