Curriculum for Excellence evening at Webster’s High

Curriculum for excellence evening:

Webster’s High School Parent Council is hosting a Curriculum for Excellence evening with the intention of raising parents’ awareness of this ambitious initiative in Scottish education, to hear what the school has done so far by way of implementation and to discuss what is likely happen in the next couple of years.

This is a very important evening for all S1 and S2 parents and a large turnout is therefore expected.

S6 Talks:

On Tuesday afternoons, S6 pupils are given talks to widen their general knowledge an give them insights to various aspects of society.

Last week, the vitally important topic of budgeting and debt. The local MSP, Graham Dey will be the speaker immediately after the October break.

The talks are popular and well received by staff and pupils.

Young Enterprise:

One of Webster’s Young Enterprises’ teams, Lava, is holding an Eco Fashion Show for pupils on November 2.

This gives the pupils a chance to express their creativity and show off their catwalk strut.

A similar evening was held some years ago and it was a tremendous success.

The other Young Enterprise team is holding a quiz night this week and hope to raise money to kick-start a business project.

Rock Challenge:

This year’s Rock Challenge organisers are holding a benefit next Tuesday to raise money and awareness of the cause.

They will be displaying many types of dance on the stage for anyone who’s interested to watch.

Climate Conference:

Last Tuesday Webster’s High School and the Rev. Malcolm Rooney organised a Climate Conference in Kirriemuir Town Hall.

All the Angus secondary schools sent ten second year pupils with accompanying staff and S6 students.

They had the opportunity to listen to the two guest speakers, Heather - the Weather - Reid and David Aird from SCARF (Save Costs and Cut Fuel), discuss various source materials on climate change and then produce an Action Plan for their schools.

The day was funded by the Climate Change Challenge Fund and a big thank you must go to that organisation.

The intention is that all schools will now endeavour to cut their carbon emissions and that the S2 conference participants will, over the next few years, keep a careful eye on the progress that is made.

Girls’ Football:

Webster’s Senior Girls triumphed again, winning the Angus Football Cup.

They dominated the tournament and were delighted to hold the trophy aloft one again.