Youths ‘tortured and killed’ fish from Northmuir garden and posted footage online

The koi was similar to the one pictured
The koi was similar to the one pictured

A “lovely” 18-year-old Japanese fish was taken from a pond in a Northmuir garden and “tortured” and “killed”.

The owner of the Kohaku, a variety of ornamental koi which has a white body with red markings, has reason to believe it was killed by a group of youths.

Angela Blackie, of Sycamore Place, said her grandson saw a video on social media of youths torturing the fish at about 1.30am on Sunday, April 9.

He recognised the garden as his grandparents’ and called them right away to let them know.

Angela said: “They were throwing it to one another and then bashing it about.

“By the time we got up and out the back there was no one there.

“They went out of my back gate and down the road, took the fish and threw it on the road.

“What’s the point? It’s a fish. It wasn’t doing anything.

“They’re sick in the head.

“I think they should get a big fine for it. It’s cruelty to an animal and I can’t stand that.

“It makes me feel angry that they can come in my garden and take something that was alive and kill it like that.

“It wasn’t a plant, it was something that was alive and they tortured it and killed it.

“It was over 18 years old and we had it all that time.

“It was a lovely red and white koi.”

Angela has two other 18-year-old kois – a silver one and a gold one – as well as a young black one.

She also has a black carp which is more than 20 years old which has damage to its side. Angela believes the youths may have also tried to pick up the heavy fish.

She reported the incident to the police.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We are aware of the matter and making enquiry. Anyone who has any information is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101.”

Scottish SPCA Chief Inspector Mike Flynn said: “We have not been alerted to any fish being taken from a pond in the Northmuir area.

“When keeping any pet outdoors we would always suggest that the garden is kept secure to prevent any danger to the animal.

“We urge anyone concerned about the welfare of an animal to contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”