Safety message from police

Tayside Police along with all other Scottish Police Forces supported the ACPOS National Campaign earlier this week by focusing on Motorcycle Awareness.

As the weather improves, this is traditionally the time of year when many more motorcyclists return to the roads after the winter break and as this may be the first time in some months that some of them will have used their bikes it is imperative that they check them over for any potential defects and faults before they take to the road.

Maintenance is directly linked to road safety and this is especially crucial when applied to two wheel motoring.

There are many critical areas that should be routinely checked for potential defects but are sometimes overlooked due to the desire to get back on the road when the weather improves. Spending just a short time on these essential safety checks may save you further expense and prevent a failure which could cost you or someone else far more than a few pounds.

Along with roadworthiness, riders should also be aware of the road conditions and the potential dangers.

‘Around the Corner’ is a website which is aimed primarily at motorcyclists to make them think about what may be happening on the road ahead. It also details some helpful riding advice and specific safety information about many of the routes traditionally used by motorcyclists across Scotland.

Visit the website for information and advice on safe riding.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, Head of Road Policing, said: “This campaign focuses on educating all road users about the vulnerability of specific groups of road users, particularly motorcyclists. Hopefully we are entering a period of better weather and there are more daylight hours so that people have a greater opportunity to enjoy our roads safely.

“If a motorcyclist is involved in a collision almost inevitably it will have more serious consequences. Consequently motorcyclists should remember that if they have not been on the road for some time they should ease back into their riding and of course ride responsibly.”