Road safety campaign results

Tayside Police, along with all other Police Forces in Scotland, were involved in a national road safety campaign last week, to enhance drivers awareness of hazards on country roads and to enforce the use of seatbelts.

In Tayside, a total of 63 drivers were detected travelling in excess of the posted speed limits and 10 drivers were found not wearing seatbelts.

In addition, six vehicles were seized as a result of drivers having no insurance for their vehicles and one vehicle was seized due to it being used in an anti-social manner. The drivers either received a fixed penalty notice with a financial penalty ranging from £60 to £200 and six penalty points for these offences or alternatively, were reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

In other notable cases, a 37-year-old driver of a 4x4 vehicle was stopped on the A90 near Finavon where the vehicle was found to have two defective tyres and the trailer being towed had defective lights.

On the A92 near to Muirdrum a 19-year-old car driver was detected travelling at excessive speed in wet road conditions. On being examined, his vehicle was found to have a defective front tyre.

Also during the campaign a 52-year-old taxi driver in Dundee was dealt with for allowing a passenger to carry a one-year-old child unrestrained on her lap.

Chief Inspector Sandy Bowman, Head of Road Policing said: “Once again we have found that there are still far too many people, for whatever reason, taking the conscious decision not to wear a seatbelt or not ensuring that everyone in the vehicle is suitably restrained.

“This may be because they believe that they simply won’t be involved in a collision or that they will be able to brace themselves in the vehicle and prevent injury to themselves should one occur.

“These people may get away with it - until there is a need for the seat belt to do its job. By failing to wear a seat belt they risk unnecessary injury, even when travelling at relatively low speeds. It is quite simply not worth it.

“Unfortunately the weather has been changeable recently and we have been prone to some intermittent, very heavy and localised downpours. Bearing this in mind, we all have to be aware of our own and others actions.

“Particular care has to be taken in such weather and drivers have to anticipate the effects on the road surface ahead of them. Drivers are advised to slow down and drive according to the conditions and increase the distance between their own vehicles and the vehicles in front to allow additional reaction time and stopping distances.

“Far too many drivers have been continuing to drive at inappropriate speeds for the road and weather conditions and in excess of the posted speed limits.

“It is important for all road users to be aware of all hazards that may exist, such as accumulations of water at the roadside, slow moving vehicles, mud on the road, hidden junctions or narrow road lanes. These are just some of the examples, but as a guide, drivers should ask themselves “Can I stop safely?” - if not, take action to slow down.

“Whilst the majority of drivers use their vehicles and the roads sensibly, unfortunately a small minority do not and Tayside Police will continue to deal with these persons robustly, as they are putting all other road users at risk. Even though this campaign has concluded, we will continue to work 24/7 along with the law abiding road users to make the roads safer. “I would urge anyone who has information about motorists behaving irresponsibility by flouting the law in respect of drink or drug driving, using a vehicle without insurance or a driving licence, or indeed any other traffic offences, to contact Tayside Police on 0300 111 2222 or pass the information anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”