Raising awareness of vulnerable road users

Drivers are being urged to be mindful of vulnerable groups, including cyclists, on the area's roads.
Drivers are being urged to be mindful of vulnerable groups, including cyclists, on the area's roads.

A campaign to raise awareness of vulnerable road users and improve driver behaviour is being run all this week by Police Scotland.

The force is keen to make motorists more aware of dangers posed to cyclists, horse riders, motorcyclists and pedestrians during the summer months when more people are out the area’s roads.

Key Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2012 show that while car and pedestrian casualties have decreased, motorcycle and pedal cycle casualties have increased. Pedestrian and pedal cycle fatalities have also increased.

All road users are asked to ensure they are properly prepared and equipped for whatever activity they plan, including maintenance checks on vehicles and suitable high visibility clothing and helmets where appropriate.

Officers will patrol roads and carry out road checks during of the week to talk with road users to give advice and, where appropriate, take action with a particular emphasis on the dangers faced by more vulnerable road users.

Inspector Tracey Robinson, Divisional Road Policing Unit, said the campaign aims to educate everyone who uses the area’s roads.

She said: “This campaign focuses on educating everyone about the vulnerability of such groups, but all road users have a responsibility to ensure they are doing everything possible to keep themselves safe.

“If you are unsure of the legislation which applies to your chosen activity suitable advice and guidance can be found in the Highway Code which is available online.

“I would ask anyone who has any information relating to the irresponsible use of vehicles on the roads to contact Police Scotland on the non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111”

Further information about how drivers can improve their behaviour is available online at www.scotland.police.uk, www.dontriskit.info and www.aroundthecorner.org.uk