Police warn against Angus scammers

Police Scotland has advised all drivers to ensure they are covered by valid insurance
Police Scotland has advised all drivers to ensure they are covered by valid insurance

Further to Angus Council’s warning on Thursday (April 6) regarding bogus callers in Montrose and Kirriemuir, Police Scotland issued a statement.

Police Scotland is investigating a report of bogus caller incidents at an address in Provost Mitchell Road, Montrose that happened on two occasions on the afternoons of Friday, March 17, and Saturday, March 18.

Five men were involved in the fraud and claimed that repair work was required in the attic space and the roof.

A significant quantity of cash obtained fraudulently, before it was reported to police.

Officers are also investigating a similar incident in Netherton Gardens, in Westmuir, Kirriemuir, that happened at 11.30am on Wednesday, April 5 when two men attended at the address stating that work would be required on the roof.

Fortunately no money was parted with on this occasion.

The first man is described as being five feet eight inches tall of medium to large build, with thick black hair. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. The second man is described as being about six feet tall of slim build with short grey hair and was around 50 years old.

Police Scotland issued the following advice: “Be suspicious of anyone cold calling at your door offering to do work, or to fix a problem you have no prior knowledge of. Do not hand over cash to uninvited cold callers who offer to carry out work. If you are at all suspicious, contact Police Scotland on 101.

“Residents should always be on their guard against this type of crime, especially if they have older or vulnerable neighbours. Look out for one another and if you know family members who might be unaware of these types of crimes, please share our advice so that they may avoid becoming a victim.

“We are working with Trading Standards and our communities to identify those responsible. If you have any information that could assist us with our enquiries please contact Police Scotland on 101.”