Operation to tackle violent behaviour

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Police Scotland has launched a county-wide proactive crackdown on violence and antisocial behaviour ahead of the festive season.

The campaign, Project Ajax, will see Angus officers, supported by specialist colleagues, target violent individuals wanted on warrant as well as conducting high visibility patrols in areas that have seen issues with antisocial behaviour and violence.

Chief Inspector Gordon Milne, area commander for Angus, said: “Angus is a very safe place to live, work and play. We have low levels of crime and in general, the vast majority of people across our towns and villages behave themselves and don’t get into trouble.

“However, there is a very small minority out there who do get involved in violence, who do get into fights, who do drink too much alcohol, who are involved in incidents of domestic abuse and who use violence when stealing other people’s property.

“In the run up to the festive season, I want to concentrate our efforts on this group of selfish individuals and stop the violence before it starts.”

Chief Inspector Milne also said that the force will do its utmost in the approach to Christmas and New Year to catch the “bullies” in local communities who show no respect for others.

He continued: “We will be doing everything possible to disrupt and detect those individuals who think they can cause misery to others in our communities.

“They will be left in no doubt that unless they change their violent ways and do it now, we will be doing absolutely everything in our powers to make sure they get the message - loud and clear.

“Over the next coming weeks, warrants will be executed on a daily basis, focused police patrols will be areas where we know violence and antisocial behaviour is taking place. We will be out and about as much as possible.

“In fact, we will be doing the traditional policing style, as well as trying some new ideas as well.

“I will not tolerate violence in any shape or form and we are determined to see it reduced as far as possible over the next couple of months.”