Fine for man who attacked teenager with television

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A man who burst into a teenager’s bedroom and hurled a flat screen TV at the boy’s head was fined £300 at Forfar Sheriff Court today (Tuesday).

Grant Blackie flipped when he was told the boy - who was completely unknown to him - had drunkenly smashed a family member’s mobile phone.

Blackie stormed round the streets of Kirriemuir until he identified the boy and found his house - then went to the door.

The boy’s mother left him on the doorstep as she went to rouse the sleeping teen, but Blackie instead let himself in and walked up the stairs to the boy’s room.

Fiscal depute Nicola Gillespie told the court Blackie then picked up a £400 Panasonic flat screen TV and launched it at the boy’s head, smashing the screen.

Ms Gillespie added: “The boy was still in bed when the accused threw the TV.

“It hit him on the head and upper body.

“The accused then left and police were contacted.

“The TV was broken as a result.”

Blackie, 43, of Kirriemuir, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault carried out on August 14 last year at an address in the town.

Defence solicitor Lynne Sturrock said: “He recognises more significant injury could have occurred.

“He fully accepts his responsibility and apologises for his behaviour.”

Sheriff Pino di Emidio, fining Blackie, said: “This was incredibly stupid - so foolish.