Barrie grave vandalism undetected

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An update on policing issues in Kirriemuir was given to members of the town’s community council when they met on Wednesday.

Community liaison officer Constable Gail Beattie of Police Scotland reported things were “a lot quieter” in the town, with very few undetected crimes.

One of the areas which is still causing problems is hare coursing within the landward areas.

Rural crime continues to be an issue in the Angus area, with the thefts from secluded properties still occurring.

In her report she said: “Please be aware of any strange vehicles and note registration numbers/number of occupants/type of vehicle. If needed this can then be passed on to Police Scotland. Report any suspicious activity to Police Scotland on 101.”

One crime which remained undetected was the vandalism to Sir J. M. Barrie’s gravestone at the cemetery on The Hill.

However, her report highlighted the range of incidents dealt with by local officers, and their detection rate.

From June 24 to July 30, one assault and robbery was detected.

Five out of six shoplifting cases were detected; two out of three assaults were detected, three out of three Breaches of the Peace were detected and three cases of vandalism were detected.

From July 31 to August 25, one of two assaults was detected as were one hoax call, one cannabis cultivation and one theft by housebreaking.

Police Scotland also remind members of the public to remain vigilant against fraudulent activities, in particular advanced fee fraud. 
‘Advance fee fraud’ is when a person is asked to provide payment in advance of promised wealth, gifts, prizes or employment. 

Contact can come by email, phone, fax or post. Fraudsters typically target individuals claiming to be from the Ministry of Justice, the government, Office of Fair Trading or a loan company. Contact Police Scotland on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.