Angus warned as telephone scammers strike

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Police Scotland is once again warning the public to be vigilant against telephone fraud scams after two separate incidents in Angus.

Recently, an 81 year old man from Carnoustie was the victim of such a scam after it understood he was to inherit a large sum of money from an extended family member who had died. The man was advised that he would have to pay a high six figure sum of money to cover inheritance tax to release the funds. It was later established he had been a victim of a scam.

Over a period of a number of years, a 42 year old woman from Kirriemuir lost a low six figure sum of money in a scam in which she believed she was investing money in a company selling shares. Her suspicions grew and it was later established that she too had been the victim of a lengthy and complex scam.

Sergeant Debbie Donkin said: “We would advise members of the public to be extremely cautious if you are telephoned by companies offering financial reward or investment, particularly if the call has been unsolicited and is offering large sums of money for a transaction fee or charge.

“On both these occasions the scammers gained the confidence of both victims to ensure they parted with large amounts of money.

“Reputable banks and financial institutions will not ask you for your banking details or password by phone. If in doubt do not share any personal details or financial details. Ask the person where they got your details from and the reason for the call. Ask them for contact details and make a note of what they are asking for.

“Be suspicious as to who is calling you, make every effort to ensure that the person at the end of the line is legitimate and represent who they claim to be. Do not be afraid to take details and also there is nothing wrong with declining their requests and ending the call. You can check they are who they say they are through the contact information that you have.

“Trading Standards (01241 435600) can be contacted with the details and they can offer advice and assistance as to whether the company is genuine or if you are concerned or suspicious, hang up and contact Police Scotland on 101.”