Advice to drivers

Tayside Police is advising motorists in Tayside to be security conscious following a number of thefts that have been reported recently.

They ask drivers to take every possible precaution to deter thieves. Ideally, items of value and personal belongings should never be left within an unattended vehicle and they should certainly never be left in open view.

If car owners are not able to take their property out of the car, they should at least hide it away from prying eyes and lock it out of sight in the boot. While this is not a fail-safe deterrent against crime, it denies the would-be thief the opportunity to window shop.

Drivers should look around before moving items from car seat to boot and try and ensure they are not being watched.

They should always ensure that their vehicle is secured when left unattended. Doors should be locked and windows closed.

Portable satellite navigation systems should be removed from the car if it is being left unoccupied and drivers should also remove the cradle and suction pads and remember to wipe any suction marks from the windscreen or dashboard.