£25,000 for information about ATM incidents

A reward of up to £25,000 is being offered for information related to ATM ‘skimming’ incidents in Forfar and Friockheim.

A man alerted staff at the Co-Op petrol station in Forfar’s Academy Street shortly after noon on Monday after he had problems using their ‘hole-in-the-wall’ and closer inspection revealed that a skimming device had been fitted to the ATM.

A skimming device was also recovered the same day from the Co-Op’s ATM in Gardyne Street, Friockheim.

Cash machine network Link is working with Crimestoppers to offer rewards of up to £25,000 for information relating to cash machine crime and is urging people to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with any information relating to these attacks.

Information can be given completely anonymously and there is no need for anyone to leave any personal details.

Police officers want to trace two men who were seen acting suspiciously at the cash machine before and after the device was pointed out.

The first is described as stocky, bald with a flat dark cap and dark blue jeans while thesecond man was of Eastern European appearance and had dark brown hair. He wore light blue denim jeans and a light green jacket. Police Scotland also wants to trace a sporty-looking silver car that was on the forecourt of the station at around this time. A similar vehicle – possibly a Kia Venga – was seen a short time later in Gardyne Street.

A woman raised concerns after failing to get cash from the machine at about 1 p.m. A device was discovered and is in the hands of the police.

Officers want to trace a man who was seen acting suspiciously at the machine at about 12.50 p.m. He was slim and wore a long-sleeved black top, light blue jeans and a green or grey baseball cap.

He seen getting into a small silver car, which was driven away. A man with a white collar was also seen acting suspiciously at this vehicle that was parked across the road from the ATM at around the time of the incident.

Information can be passed to Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.