Couple’s concerns over current living conditions

A FORFAR couple have hit out at Angus Council - claiming current living conditions are causing their son and daughter to suffer from breathing problems.

Susan Lennie and her fiancé David Urquhart, who live with their son Mark, aged seven and daughter Summer, aged four months, claim to have suffered with mould in their home for five years.

On Sunday, March 13, Mark suffered from an asthma attack, resulting in David having to perform CPR on the youngster.

Susan said: “I have spoken to Angus Council numerous times in the last five years.

“I spoke to Councillor Glennis Middleton last week, when my son came out of hospital and I am still waiting for her to come back to me.

“We have quite a lot of mould growing on our windows and have silverfish in the bathroom.

“About three years ago there was a survey done on the house and we were told that there were voids in Mark’s bedroom wall.

“ They (the council) came out and insulated the outside of the building but did nothing about the wall which was the problem.

“On March 13, Mark collapsed in my arms. I telephoned 999 and he turned blue, and his gums turned black. David had to perform CPR on him and, when he eventually came round, he did not know where he was or who anyone was. For a seven-year-old boy that should not be happening.

“Mark was in high dependency at the hospital for three days and on the ward for a day.

“He still wakes up wheezy.

“Mould spores are dangerous for anyone with asthma.

“When Mark stays in an environment without mould his asthma is much better. The doctors at the hospital say that the mould is a contributing factor to his and my daughter’s breathing problems.

“Last week an environmental officer came up when I was in the hospital with my son.

“He had a probe to measure if there was mould in the house. He put it into the floor and it went off the scale. He told my partner that he thought it was just spillages.

“We have two carpets down in Mark’s bedroom so how are spillages getting through two carpets? Random spots were picked and each time they went off the scale.

“Because of this I have taken Mark out of his bedroom and put him into our room.

“I now have two kids sharing one room with me and my fiancé David.

“I think the way the council is working is absolutely disgusting.

“We should be top priority to be moved.

“We have had moisture detectors put into the house and our situation is not classed to be serious enough to be put on to the medical list for housing with the council

“All I want is a clean environment to live in.

“I don’t want to outlive my son. I want him to live a good life.

“ I am not asking for much. I pay my rent and my bills, and my partner and I both work.”

Speaking last Wednesday, Councillor Glennis Middleton said: “I have spoken to the head of housing regarding this tenant and my understanding is that he is conducting an investigation into the tenants’ circumstances and the response from his department.

“This means drawing reports from various different sources and having a look at them.

“I have to wait and give him (the head of housing) time to do what he has to do before I can get back to the tenant.”